Designed by textile and graphic designer Andrea Barton in Perth, Western Australia, song textiles aims to create fabrics that are both beautiful and ethical. The process begins with prints designed to be decorative and wearable, inspired by found objects, photographs and traditional techniques.The prints find life in Indonesia where they are hand dyed using plant based pigments. 

The natural pigment process, using leaves and bark, is both sustainable and eco conscious and requires no chemicals at any stage. Waste water from the dyes is filtered through a green system providing a safer environment. The resulting fabrics have a depth and subtlety of colour, which although not as stable as chemical dyes, respects the planet and the life in it. To best maintain the colour, fabrics should be cold washed by hand and dried away from the sun. Food acids may also impact on the fabrics and care should be taken.

Prints are silk screened by hand with variations being a natural part of the process. Traditional Indonesian weaving techniques also bring life to the fabrics. Finely woven by skilled hands on a wooden loom, the delicate fabrics are the antithesis of fast paced, disposable fashion. Song textiles aims to create simple, contemporary pieces that bring with them a story of travel and tradition and care.